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Commercial Real Estate

IMT Realty LLC is dedicated to delivering property assets with improved occupancy, net operating income and maximizing real estate performance.  IMT provides a full range of owner/landlord services specifically designed to protect and enhance the value of commercial investment properties.  There are many factors that influence the value and financial performance of a commercial property.  A safe, well-managed, well-maintained building is appealing to prospective and current tenants.   An attractive property with a well balanced tenancy is also essential to maintaining neighborhood demographic desirability.  Market rentals and low vacancies combined with efficient property management and effective maintenance means a property that is an asset to the community with a healthier bottom line too.

As your property management professional, we:

  • Make your goals our goals. Property management goes beyond property performance. IMT will strive to have a deep understanding of your goals and vision for each property. IMT will develop a plan to help achieve them.
  • Recognize that an asset’s value is linked to occupancy. IMT will to understand what drives tenant interest and needs as well as tenant satisfaction. We strive to retain high quality tenants.
  • Keep NOI and valuation top of mind. IMT is always working to grow revenue streams and to efficiently control expenses, thereby accelerating the appreciation of your property.
  • Full Transparency. We also believe that transparency is the foundation to maintaining our reputation and preserving the trust of our investors, tenants, employees and the communities in which we operate.

What is Commercial Real Estate?

Building that hold more than 5 families qualify as commercial real estate buildings. We would be happy to help you manage your real estate investment by handling:

  • Leasing
  • Maintenance/Management
  • Marketing
  • Payables and Receivables
  • Annual budgets
  • Payments online, through our SSL Secured portal
  • Online Property Documents

For more information, please contact Mary Nasi (Owner) at [email protected] or call (860) 213-8333